Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania

Under PC4, police officers (trainees) will follow all protocol actions when obtaining evidence from an 3D reconstructed car accident site. The trainees will use virtual instruments and virtual lab forensics toolkits, so the car accident scene is accurately recorded and re-created.

Once the basic data is collected (metal scraps, tire marks, scars alongside the road, debris, damage to fixed objects, vehicle final rest position) the LAW-GAME system, will help the investigators/trainees to accurately gather information and evidence available through principals and witnesses and to evaluate the three stages of collision: before, during and after. The combination of the investigation of the scene of the incident and the files of the forensic autopsy will lead to the preparation of a “true-to-life” final report.

The objectives of this Pilot Case are:

  • Simulate training in real scenarios;
  • Increase the speed of investigation capabilities; 
  • Evaluate training performance; 
  • Find the cause of the accident. 

Pilot Owner: LTEC