Location: Athens, Greece

Under PC2, LAW-GAME Interrogation and Negotiation mini game will be deployed as a role player station, where the police officer will improve her negotiation – interrogation skills through conversational role-playing with artificial agent (AI-assisted 3D avatar) in virtual reality (VR). The Virtual Human Suspect refuses to share or provide any information with the authorities. The VR gaming experience will allow for the preparation of a thoughtful interrogation and negotiation plan, in establishing the defendant is guilty of the offence, taking into consideration all assumptions through the LAW-GAME scenario.

The LAW-GAME platform will analyze the interrogator’s (user) overall performance during the interrogation and points out the errors, allowing for the preparation of an action plan to improve the situation featuring the concept of perceptual positions into the interrogation strategy.

The objectives of this Pilot Case are:

  • Deliver a realistic training environment;
  • Provide a knowledge management tool;
  • Offer a review on the training outcome;
  • Provide feedback to the user and corrective methods;
  • Promote users’ self-confidence, adaptability
    and educational experience.

Partner Owner:  Hellenic Police
Pilot Facilitator: KEMEA