Location: Bucharest, Romania

During the pilot activity, police officers (trainees) will be engaged in a VR experience, they will follow all protocol actions during the evidence collection from the virtual incident site. The incident scene is reconstructed in 3D, and trainees use virtual instruments and virtual lab forensics toolkits in a full VR environment. The examination process and methodology involve initial assessment for potential hazardous material, examination of the crime scene, identifying potential valuable evidence, human presence identification and object recognition. The LAW-GAME technology discovers and visually analyses all kinds of evidence (human remains (body fluids), firearm, bullet casings, bullet holes, fingerprints etc). The player must evaluate all the evidence, reject all the unfounded hypotheses and solve the case.

The objectives of this Pilot Case are:

  • Deploy a realistic virtual environment that will be embedded into LAW-GAME virtual libraries;
  • Provide support in the crime scene interpretation, trace evidence identification and analysis;
  • Enhance officers’ capabilities on forensic examination and to assess their behavioral patterns through LAW-GAME Human Modelling and Emotion Classification module.

Partners owner(s): SPP, SPPS

Pilot Technical Responsible: SIMAVI