LAW-GAME project

An Interactive, Collaborative Digital Gamification Approach to Effective Experiential Training and Prediction of Criminal Actions

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The solution

Training System

We create a complete gamified training system for Law Enforcement Agencies to assist them in developing core competencies required for intelligence crime analysis and illegal acts prediction. We use the latest advances in Virtual Reality Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Human Modelling, Emotional Intelligence in Human-Artificial Agent Interaction, Social and Secure Cloud Systems.

Serious Game modes

The systems embed four separate highly immersive and attractive “gaming modes”, aiming to train police officers and measure their proficiency in forensic examination, effective questioning and recognizing and mitigating potential terrorist attacks.

LAW-GAME Latest News

LAW-GAME Press Release in the Media

LAW-GAME Press Release in the Media

The Project's first Press Release, distributing information on the objectives of LAW-GAME, the goals and technologies to be developed, as well as the exquisite...

LAW-GAME kick-off meeting

The LAW-GAME Project Consortium successfully kicked-off its workings on 6th & 7th September 2021 The Kick-off Meeting of LAW-GAME EU H2020 Project successfully took...

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LAW-GAME consortium

LAW-GAME brings together industrial partners with undisputed innovation capacity. A carefully handpicked group of academic, research and end-user organisations are actively contributing to the LAW-GAME vision.