Project Objectives

The LAW-GAME main objectives are to:

Create fully immersive 3D virtual environments for training
Develop 3D Incident Scene Models that will bring high-quality VR worlds into the LAW-GAME game engine. Produce accurate semantic mapping and analysis of the incident scene. Build a 3D social virtual learning environment for social VR learning experience.

Create a complete gamified training system for LEAs
Build an intuitive, fully configurable, user-centered, virtual-reality game engine built atop of the Unity 3D game engine – embedding attractive “mini games” for the automatic generation of scenarios addressing the needs and resources of trainees of all levels

Build an interactive gaming experience
A real time emotion recognition and classification AI system providing direct feedback, targeting the improvement of trainees’ emotional intelligence during the learning and training process.

Design and develop a novel terrorist attack prevention, analysis and training framework based on serious gaming
Integrated terrorist AI assisted-attack bots will facilitate a more effective training of LEAs. Actionable knowledge using Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) will be extracted to boost the transparency of the insights of XAI methods for trusted AI, explaining to users why a ML/AI produces a certain output regarding a terroristic indicator.

Provide a comprehensive framework to measure training effectiveness.
Apply behaviour monitoring and evaluation methodologies to model and evaluate training performance. A real-time feedback provided to the trainees will allow the post-training debriefing and evaluation of the exercise outcome as part of the didactic experience.

Build a secure environment that will provide data resources, simulation tools, expert access, and unique collaboration capabilities.
Develop a pan-European training platform to facilitate knowledge intensive collaboration and extraction. A unified framework of security mechanisms and a blockchain-based system in charge of the custody of the evidences, will be implemented ensuring personal data secure processing.

Validate and test the solution in realistic law enforcement exercises and increase the project impacts.
A series of validation and impact creation activities will take place during the project duration to ensure solutions best performance impact creation and market uptake.