Expected Impact

The LAW-GAME European project, is expected to revolutionize the digital gamification methods and elevate the experiential training of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and first responders through the utilization of emerging technologies. Specifically the project is expected to:

  • IMPACT 1:  Develop a novel, user-friendly system, tailored to the effective and efficient crime and special scene investigation, offering the user complete control and access to important information as well as minimizing the cost of current training procedures, allowing the most efficient use of the training budget.
  • IMPACT 2: Improve investigation capabilities of LEAs and first responders’ personnel regarding quality and speed by facilitating the shift from “frontal teaching” to “active learning” and empirical training. Facilitate enhanced strategy exploration and system testing. Involve  human decision-making AI and problem-solving behavior analysis.
  • IMPACT 3: Increase efficiency and effectiveness of the information sharing among EU LEAs in ways such as accessible, integrated data collection and secure cross domain multinational trusted information sharing in a “network of trust”.
  • IMPACT 4: Prevent and reduce criminal and terrorist threats by offering the LAW-GAME training tool, designed for high-stake situations  defined by deep uncertainty and time pressure. Building and executing virtually crisis scenarios will allow security personnel to manage extreme situations in a more effective and efficient way.
  • IMPACT 5: Harmonize information formats, improve cross-border acceptance and adopt a holistic approach able to guarantee secure data handling to a wide range of law enforcement solutions. Enable efficient discovery & support the analysis and management of sensitive/ forensic data. Engage a wide range of end-user organizations from the requirements & design phases of the project to the improved user acceptance.