We are pleased to share important updates from the LAW-GAME project’s final plenary meeting in Ávila, Spain, which took place on the 3rd and 4th of July 2024. The meeting brought together the project consortium for an in-depth review of our progress, followed by a showcase of our innovative solutions to enhance police training.

On the first day, the LAW-GAME consortium met in Ávila to discuss, present and evaluate the overall progress and development of the state-of-the-art solutions created over the past months. These include cutting-edge game training scenarios and advanced scenario analysis tools. The session allowed us to reflect on our achievements and strategize on fine-tuning the tools based on feedback from end users, including security forces who tested our systems and provided invaluable insights.

Following the internal review, we had the honor and opportunity of demonstrating our solutions at the National Police Academy of Spain. The innovative approach of our project left a strong impression on both trainers and attendees, showcasing the practical applications and effectiveness of our tools in real-world scenarios.

Our meeting and system testing were covered by a leading local newspaper and the TV channel ‘La 8 Ávila.’ The coverage featured insightful interviews and demonstrations, highlighting the impact and potential of our project. The TV interview will soon be available on our YouTube channel, while you can read the newspaper coverage here.

Key moments included interactive demonstrations of our project solutions, followed by feedback sessions with trainers. This interaction is crucial for ensuring that our tools meet the practical needs of law enforcement. Additionally, a guided tour of the National Police Academy offered us deeper insights into their operations and highlighted how LAW-GAME can further enhance their training methodologies.

Over the past 35 months, the LAW-GAME project has developed a comprehensive, gamified training system for law enforcement agencies. By leveraging the latest advancements in virtual reality and immersive gaming, this system aims to enhance critical skills in forensic examination, effective interrogations, crime scene analysis, and identifying potential terrorist threats.

The positive reception from trainers and their satisfaction with our tools reaffirm the significant impact of our work.

Stay tuned for more updates!