LAW-GAME Project was a proud participant at the “Security Research Event 2023” which took place on 24 – 25 October in Brussels, Belgium.

The Security Research Event, hosted under the theme “Societal transformation, digitalization and climate change – A new paradigm for Security Research?” was organized by the European Commission and was a unique opportunity to bring together over 1200 participants from across Europe and the world to exchange ideas and debate on the role to be played, and contribution to be delivered, by EU security research.

LAW-GAME, represented by Project Coordinators Katerina Margariti, Pantelis Velanas and KEMEA representatives Christos Mantzioros and Giorgos Triantafyllou, engaged in the overall exhibition which hosted EU projects funded under the security theme and had the opportunity to engage with small scale demos prepared by various projects.

The SRE 2023 was an excellent opportunity to network with fellow Security project participants and discuss on the challenges stemming from megatrends shifting the grounds for security in the EU.

We look forward to attending similar other events and networking further with fellow EU funded project participants!