We are pleased to announce that LAW-GAME was among the projects invited to participate at the latest CERIS (Community for European Research and Innovation for Security) event on 14th March 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

The event, organized by DG Home brought together representatives of Europol and of ongoing EU funded research projects related to the fight against crime and terrorism, under the title “Europol’s new role in Horizon Europe“.

The Project Coordinator Katerina Margariti and Deputy Project Coordinator Pantelis Velanas attended the event on behalf of LAW-GAME and had the opportunity to discuss with stakeholders and other EU funded project representatives on the possibilities of cooperation between Europol and the Horizon projects, in light of Europol’s new role under the recently amended Regulation*. Partners of the LAW-GAME consortium were also present at the event, including CERTH, SPP and KEMEA.

LAW-GAME representatives at the CERIS FCT Event,
14th March 2023, Brussels, BE

Europol’s new role is envisaged to contribute to the effective tackle of crime and terrorism while respecting fundamental rights. Majority of the EU research projects work on the problems that are within the remit of Europol, gathering field insights as well as creating and improving tools and methodologies developed and validated against practitioners’ needs and requirements. Findings from such projects significantly enable the enhancements of EU actions in fighting crime and terrorism. Furthermore, all EU security research projects in the area of fighting crime and terrorism, funded under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, have mandatory participation of police authorities in their consortia. Therefore, the cooperation between Europol and EU funded projects shall be greatly beneficial on both fronts.

The workshop was a constructive opportunity to present the new possibilities of working together between Europol and Horizon funded projects, in the light of Europol’s new role. It was an invaluable experience for our Project Coordinators and LAW-GAME project as a whole to be amongst the projects invited to this event.

We look forward in initiating collaborations with Europol and other stakeholders and in driving the efforts forward in the battle against crime and terrorism.

* On 28 June 2022, key amendments to the Europol Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/794) entered into force, strengthening Europol’s capacity to better support the EU Member States in combating serious and organised crime and terrorism.