LAW-GAME participated and was represented by Vassileios Roussakis of KEMEA at the CREST EU Project final dissemination conference that was held in Athens on 21st and 22nd February 2023.

During the conference, Mr. Roussakis presented the objectives and actions of LAW-GAME to a wide audience of over 150 participants attending the event either physically or online.

The CREST Project focused on the development of an interactive platform that would allow for

(i) crime and terrorism prediction and prevention through the generation of automatic early warning alerts based on the assessment of threats detected using targeted monitoring, tracking, and analytics technologies;

(ii) improved operational capabilities enabled by an IoT ecosystem that will facilitate adaptive and dynamic mission planning and navigation based on autonomous systems for better surveillance and distributed planning and management for supporting distributed operational command and control;

(iii) improved situational awareness through advanced visual analytics, mobile applications, and projections in interactive augmented reality environments; and

(iv) enhanced investigation capabilities by increasing the confidence and trustworthiness of information sharing and digital evidence exchange based on block chain technologies.

The CREST Closing Event was a great opportunity for LAW-GAME to be represented and have the project’s objectives showcased to an audience comprising of Law Enforcement Agencies originating from eight different countries, research and academic institutions and industry partners and enhance the networking of the project among similar stakeholders.

Congratulations to KEMEA for representing the Consortium!