On 8th November 2022, the Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania (LTEC) held a workshop at the premises of Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania with topic “The use of new technologies in the practice of forensic examinations”.

The workshop hosted members of the scientific community and members of national authorities and institutions and presented the methods by which new technologies may be utilized in the practice of forensic examinations.

LAW-GAME had a particular spotlight during the workshop since the modules prepared within the scope of the project are heavily related with the utilization of technology and the adoption of new and innovative solutions in forensic examinations. Specifically, one of the Game Modes to be developed for the purposes of the LAW-GAME platform is the CSI Game.

The CSI Game involves the utilization of new technologies to train police offices on forensic examination. The game uses procedural content generation to create a realistic game play and automatically create the virtual crime scene setting while the AI engine integrates a detailed knowledge base of crime scene forensics.

You can read more about the CSI Game Mode here: https://lawgame-project.eu/game-modes/.

In LAW-GAME, LTEC participates as an end-user of the project results to be develop and contributes towards identifying end-user requirements, demonstrations, training and evaluation activities and lessons learned for the components and technologies developed under the project.