Consortium Partner presented LAW-GAME at the company’s annual summit

During the annual summit of, Project Manager Eleni Panopoulou presented to the team the progress of the LAW-GAME project. Helvia is a member of the LAW-GAME consortium and contributes to the project’s activities and development.

Helvia’s role is related to the development of interactive chatbots that support the use cases of the project, and more specifically conversational characters for training experiences that take place in gaming and VR environments.

Helvia is leading the development of the following components:

  1. Interactive Storytelling Engine
  • Handles interactive dialogues manifested via chat NPCs
  • Handles unfolding of “branching” storylines based e.g., on player’s emotions and game events

2. AI Narrator

  • Narrates the game mode/scenario to the player
  • Pops up to provide guidance and hints to the player
  • Available to answer player’s questions

3. Training Scenario Configurator

  • Provides UI for scenario configuration by the trainers

We look forward to Helvia’s contributions to the projects in collaboration with the exquisite group of partners that comprise the LAW-GAME Consortium!