LAW-GAME was there!

The Project Coordinators of LAW-GAME (Katerina Margariti & Pantelis Velanas) were invited to attend and participate at the “Projects to Policy Seminar” (PPS) hosted by the European Commission DG Home and the European Research Executive Agency in Brussels, from 30th June to 1st July.

The event was a unique opportunity for Project Coordinators of EU H2020 funded projects of similar nature (i.e. security projects) to come together and discuss in a forum on the importance of involvement of research projects in policy making in their respective fields/focus areas.

Over the course of the two days the innovations developed under LAW-GAME were presented to all participants and discussions were held on how such innovations, alongside other projects, may contribute in the improvement and/or development of related policies on an EU level.

The event’s Plenary Session welcomed members from the #EUInnovation Hub for Internal Security and #EUagencies such as Europol and eu-LISA, who presented their upcoming activities and how EU H2020 funded projects can be further included in their activities.

The Project to Policy Seminar was a prime opportunity for constructive discussions and presentation of the EC #H2020 funded research projects and their contributions in policy making going forward. It was an invaluable experience for our Project Coordinators and LAW-GAME project as a whole!

Looking forward to participating in further great events such as the PPS and we extend our gratitude to the EC DG-Home and REA for the invitation to participate!

LAW-GAME Project Coordinators presenting at the
PPS event in Brussels, 30th June 2022.

Plenary Session of the PPS event, Brussels 01 July 2022